The name “frozen custard” is attributed to a Coney Island ice cream vendor who wanted to convey the rich, creamy experience of eating the kind of ice cream that Ritter’s makes today.

The magical creaminess of this ice cream comes from a French recipe developed over a century ago. It relies on some pretty special techniques. For example, we add just a smidgen of pasteurized egg yolk to our ice cream, and don’t fluff it up with a lot of air, like many other brands. Our ice cream is also only 10% butterfat – less than most of our competitors – and it’s always made fresh on site.

So yes. We know all the technical details, and as a franchisee we’ll train you up so that you know them too. But ultimately, it’s about the big picture for us.

And the big picture is that when you join the Ritter’s Frozen Custard family, you’ll learn to create 140 flavors of the creamiest, most delicious ice cream you’ve ever tasted. With every scoop you make, you’ll bring joy to the community you serve.


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