Our expansive menu brims with innovation and fun. Out of the 120 flavors of premium ice cream we serve (which range from flavors like English toffee to Mississippi mud to peaches ’n’ creme to white chocolate raspberry truffle), our locations usually offer 6 frozen custard flavors, 1 sugar-free option, and 1 fruit, nut and specialty flavor.

We serve our frozen custard in homemade cake and waffle cones that can be dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. We offer Italian ices, ice cream sundaes, shakes, smoothies, cakes, and pies. And our signature specialty, glaciers (which are made with the frozen custard of your choice, blended with toppings and fruit) positively fly off the counter.

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Sometimes people want to grab an ice cream on the go or drop into our shoppes for just an hour or so. But other times, they want a full meal they can linger over to enjoy each other’s company. That’s where our premium burgers, hot dogs and fries come in.

Because we care about top-quality ingredients, we take fast food up to the next level with these menu options. We serve crinkle-cut fries, gourmet burgers (made from a mix chuck, brisket and sirloin) and freshly-cooked hot dogs. It’ll take you back to the period of your life when you were a kid and believed that a burger or hot dog was the greatest treat in the world.

People are often ready to start eating ice cream from a couple of hours after breakfast right through until just before bed. But by adding burgers, hot dogs and fries to your franchise menu, you’ll further enhance its appeal as a viable lunch and dinner option for customers.